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About Emmy:
- Emmanuelle Grey Rossum was born September 12, 1986 in New York City, New York. She attended Spence School in Manhattan, which is an elite private girls school that was also attended by Gwenyth Paltrow. She has been in over twenty different operas, singing in five different languages. At seven, she made $5 a night at the Metropolitan Opera singing with the children's choir. Her first "major" roll was Deladis Slocumb in the movie Songcatcher. Her latest and probably best movie yet is the 2004 version of the stage musical, Phantom of the Opera in which she plays Christine. However, she has also appeared in shows such as As the World Turns, A Will of Their Own, and guest appearences in shows such as The Practice, Snoops, and Law and Order. For more Emmy information, please check out Emmy's imdb.com page.

Contacting Emmy:
- You can contact Emmy Rossum at the following address: Emmy Rossum
110 So. Fairfax
Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA

About the Fanlisting:
- This fanlisting was originally owned by Rachel, who generously offered the fanlisting to me, in February, 2007. The following is why she began the fanlisting in the first place.

I started the Emmy Rossum fanlisting back in November of 2003, I believe. The first film I ever saw her in was the movie Songcatcher in which she plays a girl helping out the lead character, Lilly Penleric [played by Janet McTeer], collect old folk songs. I was totally stricken with Emmy because her singing voice was absolutely beautiful. So, being a singer myself, I was very impressed. :) I wanted to look at her info online and see what I could find out about her because I usually hesitate to let myself become huge fans of people if I think I'll never hear from them again. However, when I saw she was going to be in Phantom of the Opera, I completely flipped out and that's when I decided I'd make a fanlisting dedicated to her. :)

About Fanlistings:
- Fanlistings are sites where you can join and show your appreciation or "fandom" of just about anything. This is the fanlisting for Emmy Rossum, and is listed at the network that lists all fanlistings, TheFanlistings.org.

PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT Emmy Rossum! And I DO NOT have any personal contacts with Ms. Rossum.